About Munkies_Tech

Founded in 2017, Munkies_Tech® is a UK e-tailer, making great strides in the tech supplies industry. We offer the latest in brand name consumer electronics tnd tech accessories at highly competitive prices.

Serving both retail and trade, we pride ourselves on top quality products, fast delivery and excellent customer service.

Our customer service team are on hand Monday – Friday (8am – 8pm) via email only at info@munkiestech.com

We will do our utmost to resolve any issues you may have, effectively and as quickly as possible.

We aim to respond to queries within 8 hours, however, this can vary on busy/seasonal periods and this also excludes weekends.

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We offer you the best brands of tech supplies and a wide catalogue of many industry leading products. We source all of our product from UK based distributors so you can be assured quality.

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